Dentists within our team not only ensure that every patient receives specialist treatment but also try to share their heart and mind. Anything you get here - from the introductory visit to completion of treatment…
A modern dentist clinic is an institution in which an entire range of dentist treatment services has to be provided including preventive examinations and professional hygiene, implantation and osseous plastics.
«Doctor Gauk`s Clinic» dates back to the year of 1999, when first steps were made to redecorate a shabby detached house located not far from the center of the City of Leo, in picturesque Morshynska…
There is no limit to perfection. Anything that currently is the standard in the world is available in our clinic.
We want our patients to be sure that the day-to-day we worry about their health, for which he is responsible.

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    Gauk Andriy

    Gauk Andriy Головний лікар клініки, лікар-стоматолог вищої кваліфікаційної категорії,…

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